Whales and dolphins popular ideas for iconic entry statements

by emma,

Redland City Council is in the final stages of contract negotiations with QYAC to have that organisation coordinate the design and installation of iconic Quandamooka-inspired public art entry statements at Amity Point (Pulan) and Point Lookout (Mulumba).

The public art entry statements will be designed to promote a sense of place for the two townships and offer a “selfie” moment to visitors and residents to inspire them to promote the island to family and friends around the world.

The project subcommittee - including state government agencies, Council, Straddie Chamber of Commernce and QYAC - determined that the public art entry statements would not be placed alongside a busy roadside but in a public place, such as a park, to allow residents and visitors to get up close and personal with the artwork, safely snap “selfie” moments and take time to learn more about the culture of North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah).

Council, who is the lead for this project, undertook community engagement over the September 2018 school holidays - on Sunday 23 September and Sunday 30 September with engagement activities also delivered through the Your Say website.

Council established a stall at the Point Lookout markets and outside the shop on Amity Point on both days with community and visitors contributing feedback on what type of entry statements would be most appropriate, what materials could be incorporated, how big they envisioned the artwork, whether they should be lit and suggestions on where they could be located.

More than 100 individuals participated, including 70 at the council stalls on the island and 40 via Council’s yoursay page.

The information will be provided to the artists who will develop the entry statements.

Face-to-face and digital platforms delivered consistent themes, all of which will be provided to artists who will be developing the entry statements.

So what did the feedback say?

1. A total of 70% of all participants who suggested subject matter for the Point Lookout art suggested a whale. It was by far the most frequently suggested response. Other ideas included dolphins, turtles, mantas, and other sea life. Kangaroos, birds, and curlews specifically were also suggested, as were the Gorge, pandanas trees, banksias, swimming and surfing.

2. The Gorge Walk Trailhead and Headland Park were popular areas for placement of the entry statements at Point Lookout.

3. A total of 39% of participants who suggested subject matter for Amity Point suggested a dolphin. The next most popular response was fishing (18%), and other popular ideas included fish/mullet, sharks, dugongs, pelicans and koalas.

4. At Amity Point, Picnic Park (opposite the swimming enclosure) was the most popular location for the entry statement, followed by nearby Cabarita Park.

5. ‘Natural’ materials, followed by ‘steel-rusted’ was the most popular choice of material.

6. Larger than human scale was most popular.

7. Incorporating a number of elements that people could walk through or interact with for a variety of photo opportunities was also popular.

8. Lighting for night time was popular, however there was a view by a smaller number of people that lighting was “too showy” for the island and turtle nesting nearby needed to be considered due to potential risks to hatchlings from light disorientations.

9. Nearly all respondents wanted information of the Quandamooka story behind the artwork included.

A total of 60% of respondents were locals on the island, with the balance primarily from Brisbane.

Once contract negotiations are finalised, it is anticipated a Quandamooka artist or artists will be commissioned to develop concepts for the public art entry statements. They will develop their own interpretation based on the feedback and informed by Quandamooka cultural values. They will also suggest a location that best works for the public art entry statements they design.

Artist concepts and locations are anticipated to go out to public consultation in early 2019.

The plan is for the public art entry statements to be finalised by mid-2019.

Thank you to all those residents and visitors who have provided feedback on this project.

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