How is this scheme being impacted by COVID-19?

    For information regarding the operation of the scheme visit the Bay Islands Car-Share website. 

    What is car-share?

    Car-share is short-term car hire.

    What are the potential benefits of car-share for users?

    Depending on individual requirements, car-share can be a cheaper option than operating and maintaining a privately owned vehicle.

    The scheme gives participating Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) residents the opportunity to access a conveniently located mainland vehicle close to the ferry terminal for short-term hire.

    The SMBI community is provided with another travel choice for completing mainland trips. 

    What are the potential benefits of the scheme for people who park at Redland Bay Marina?

    The benefits to other car park users include: 

    • more efficient use of parking space – increasing the turnover frees up otherwise occupied car parks, and 
    • decreases parking demand by reducing the number of individual cars and car parks required.

    How many car parks have been allocated for the scheme?

    Eight (8) car parks have been allocated for the two-year scheme.

    Where are the car-share scheme car parks located?

    The eight (8) car parks dedicated to the car-share scheme are located between the Coast Guard building and the bus interchange, close to the ferry terminal.

    See the map for the exact location of the car parks. 

    Why have prime spots close to the ferry terminal been allocated for the scheme?

    The decision to locate the car-share scheme parking spots close to the terminal was made to suit the diversity of current and potential car-share users, including people who are elderly or mobility impaired.

    The car parks chosen for the scheme are also conveniently located close to the ferry terminal to provide an incentive for users and ensure the scheme is accessible to all members of the SMBI community.

    Who is the car-share provider?

    Bay Islands Car Share is the car-share provider for the two-year period.

    How was the car-share provider selected for the scheme?

    On 21 April 2021, Council resolved to note the Weinam Creek Car-Share Trial and support an Expression of Interest and subsequent tender process for a Weinam Creek Car-Share Scheme. This process allowed Council to select a suitable car-share operator to run the scheme. On 20 September 2021, Council announced Bay Islands Car Share as the preferred operator.

    How can I find out more about the trial car-share provider?

    You can find out more about Bay Islands Car Share by visiting their website. 

    Can I apply to use a car park at Redland Bay Ferry Terminal for another purpose?

    No. A car-share scheme is consistent with the conditions of the current leasing agreements between the State Government and Redland City Council for the designated car parking area at Redland Bay Marina. It is also important to note that this land is under the designation of a Priority Development Area, meaning the land use plan prepared for this land takes precedence over Council's City Plan. If there is a desire to use land within this area for another purpose, then the proponent would be required to liaise with Economic Development Queensland, which manages the development of Priority Development Areas.