Why does the site need a new layout?

    The site has been well loved by sporting club members and the community for many years now, with facilities and assets that are either ageing, in poor condition or not compliant with current standards. It is important when renewing and upgrading facilities that we take a holistic site approach, recognise site limitations and opportunities, and community needs. With the site layout having been shared with the community and clubs, and feedback received through several consultations, it will soon be finalised to allow the next steps of concept, preliminary and detailed design to occur (subject to funding).

    Will the new site layout improve drainage across the site?

    The site is flat and low-lying and subject to stormwater inundation, flooding and blockages. Options to address drainage issues will be investigated as part of the preliminary and detailed design phase. These may include a general clean up where weeds and branches are removed; and changes to the existing pedestrian bridge on the northern side of the site to help reduce blockages.

    Why are the netball courts moving?

    It is proposed that the netball courts and associated infrastructure be relocated to the northern field as this will enable improvements to drainage where feasible, while also improving pedestrian connectivity and accessibility around the sports fields and between different parts of the site.

    The space made available will enable clubs to better use this area for events, and sports management activities. 

    Will there be more car parking?

    Yes. Car parking will be provided in accordance with Council’s City Plan requirements for the various sports, the recreational precinct and community hall, and to meet accessibility standards for car parking for people with a disability.

    Will the Petanque court be removed?

    No. The Petanque court is a well-used and important feature of the site and the design will include a replacement court and associated infrastructure. Council continues to involve the Petanque Club in the planning and design process.

    Will trees be cleared?

    Determining if any trees will need to be removed will be considered as part of the preliminary and detailed design. Council’s environmental teams will be involved in the design development process to ensure a considered and expert approach. Council’s first position is to retain and improve the existing landscape, where feasible.

    What is planned for the BMX track?

    The BMX track will incorporate bike skills elements such as drops, jumps, a wallride, flat box rollers and berms, while making the track more durable and easier to maintain. Council is aware of some inappropriate behaviour and damage from informal uses of nearby bushland areas. It is expected that the new features proposed will help reduce these activities and behaviours.

    What is planned for the skate park?

    The skate park is proposed to be upgraded due to its generally poor condition.  Feedback received during the skate and BMX consultation has identified potential features that will cater for users of various skills and abilities. Community consultation outcomes mean the skate park will remain in a similar location to where it is now, away from the road within the recreation area.

    Why is the play space being relocated?

    The play space is being relocated to sit within the recreation area, complementing the picnic facilities, skate park, Petanque court and BMX skills track. This collocation will improve accessibility and provide a more inclusive play experience. Removing the play equipment from its current location will also help to open up the area between the tennis courts and the clubhouse, improving pedestrian connectivity and access between the recreation area and the sports fields. Community consultation revealed a even split between preference for a natural or sports theme for the play space, with numerous suggestions for the design and equipment to reflect a combined natural/sports theme.

    How will neighbours be kept informed during the project stages?

    Council will keep neighbours and the community informed about project timeframes via Council’s webpage, traditional media, social media, newsletters and notifications, where appropriate.

    How has wildlife been considered with the new layout?

    Minimal impact to wildlife is expected as the Functional Layout Plan design proposes to work within the existing trees and vegetation where possible. The existing drainage system is proposed to be retained, improved or modified in situ, with cleaning and removal of weeds enhancing drainage capacity and flow.

    What stakeholder and community engagement will take place throughout the design development phase?


      • Council has been working with tenant clubs since February 2021 to develop the draft functional layout site plan
      • A four week community consultation was undertaken from 27 August to 24 September 2021 asking for feedback about the site layout as well as about the recreation area
      • A further targeted consultation with skate park and BMX track users was undertaken in May 2022
      • Further inform-level engagement will be undertaken as preliminary and detailed designs are developed.