Redlands Coast Australia Day Awards 2020 nomination form

Please note:

  • All nominees must be Australian citizens and residents of Redland City.
  • The online form has a page time-out period of 30 minutes. Any information not submitted on that page by then will potentially be lost.
  • Please read the terms and conditions before submitting your nomination.
  • Nominations close at 4pm, Friday 29 November 2019

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Terms and Conditions

All nominees must be an Australian citizen and reside within Redland City at the time of nomination

Nominations must be made online via the official website link provided by Redland City Council.

Groups or community organisations that are nominated must be located and operate in Redland City

A photo of the nominee must be submitted with the nomination

All questions relating to the nomination of this person or organisation must be answered

A candidate may be nominated in only one award category per nomination

Nominations for minors (those under 18 years of age) must have the consent of the nominee’s parent or guardian and provide the parent or guardian’s contact detail

Winners of an Australia Day Award in the last three years are not eligible for nomination

  • Citizen of the year: Maryann Talia Pau
  • Senior citizen of the year: Rita Morris
  • Young citizen of the year: Madina Mohmood
  • Reconciliation award: Joshua Walker
  • Local hero award: Noel Walker
  • Community organisation award: Running Wild – Youth Conservation Culture Inc.
  • Cultural award: ROCKIT Productions
  • Environment and sustainability award: Amy Glade and Redlands After-hours Wildlife Ambulance
  • Sports award: Adam Pryde and Cleveland Air Magic – Gold Fire Team
  • Citizen of the year: Dan Holzapfel
  • Young citizen of the year: Lauren Folster
  • Senior citizen of the year: Caroline Brough
  • Reconciliation Award: Kenneth Munro
  • Local hero award: Cindy Corrie
  • Community organisation award: Myhorizon
  • Cultural award: Melissa Anderson
  • Environment and sustainability award: Patricia Johns
  • Sports award: Jemma Mi Mi
  • Honourable Mention, Sports Award: Janelle Kronk
  • Citizen of the year: Denis Ryan
  • Young citizen of the year: Leah Lever
  • Senior citizen of the year: Col Cunnington
  • Local hero award: Ian and Judy Wintle
  • Community organisation award: Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club and Redland Centre for Women
  • Cultural award: Maxwell Bissett
  • Environment and sustainability award: Michael Wilson
  • Sports award: Daniel Fox

Nominations must be specific to the individual/group being nominated

Nominations close 4pm, Friday 29 November 2019

Options are limited to
Please hold on while your response is being submitted