City Plan Submission

Make your say count

Under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, for a submission to be considered it must be 'properly made', which means the submission must:

  • be received during the public consultation period;
  • be in writing and, unless the submission is lodged electronically, be signed by each person who made the submission;
  • be made to the Redland City Council within the consultation period;
  • state the name and residential address of each person who made the submission; and
  • state the grounds of the submission and the facts and circumstances relied on in support of the grounds
Council encourages you to lodge your submission electronically for a more efficient data capture & review process.

You can also attach your submission as a Portable Document Format (.pdf) or Word (.doc or .docx). Please note, this submission form can only be used for making a formal submission. Any questions you might have prior to your submission should be emailed to Alternatively you can call Council on 07 3829 8999 and talk to a Customer Service Consultant, or book a one-on-one discussion with a planner.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.