Q: Why is Council developing a Stronger Communities Strategy?

    A: Council is the closest level of government to our communities and plays an important role in ensuring our residents have the infrastructure, systems and services needed to support their safety and well-being.

    The Stronger Communities Strategy will provide a guiding framework for Council's work in supporting our residents to be part of strong, connected communities that meet their needs now and into the future.

    Q: How can I become involved?

    A: You can have your say on the draft Stronger Communities Strategy by reading the document and providing your thoughts and feedback through the short online survey on our Your Say page.

    Q: How will my feedback be used? Can I expect to see it in the strategy?

    A: Council expects to receive large amounts of feedback on how the Stronger Communities Strategy can support our residents and communities. This information will be collated and analysed into common themes and approaches. These will help inform the final Stronger Communities Strategy.

    While you may not see your feedback or suggestions directly in the strategy, all feedback and ideas are important to building the broader themes and actions.

    Q: Will Council be delivering the strategy alone or in partnership?

    A: Council will lead the delivery of the Stronger Communities Strategy. 

    Some action items may be the responsibility of other levels of government, or private enterprise. This will be clearly identified in the Strategy.

    Some action items may be delivered in partnership; however, the overall strategy will be delivered by Council.

    Q: Why now?

    A: Engagement with our communities in developing Council’s Our Future Redlands – A Corporate Plan to 2026 and Beyond, Strong Communities was identified as a goal. A key initiative of this goal is developing and implementing a Stronger Communities Strategy.

    With all data packages from the 2021 Census now released and the community recovering and moving forward after the global pandemic - now is an opportune time for Council to explore what our communities need to strengthen existing connections and build new ones.