Major Planning Scheme Amendment Package 01/19 - Consultation 1 to 29 August 2019

On 1 August 2019, Redland City Council will commence public consultation for a proposed major amendment of the Redland City Plan 2018 (City Plan).

The City Plan is a planning instrument that assists Redland City Council (RCC) to manage future growth and development in the City, in order to achieve sustainable development. RCC continually makes amendments to the City Plan in order to improve the instrument and keep it up to date. The General Major Amendment Package 01/19 seeks to make changes to the City Plan as follows:

Low Density Residential Zone

- An alternative provision to the Queensland Development Code (QDC) for side and rear boundary setbacks for lots in the LDR2 park residential precinct is proposed. The acceptable outcome is proposed to be increased from the current five (5) metre setback to ten (10) metres. The intent of the change is to achieve amenity outcomes which are consistent with the rural landscaping setting of the precinct.

- An alternative provision to the QDC provision for site coverage for lots in the LDR1 large lot and LDR2 park residential precincts is proposed. The acceptable outcome for site coverage is proposed to be 30% (the QDC allows 50%). The rationale behind this amendment is to ensure development footprints do not have an adverse impact on the character and amenity of the existing landscape, and to reflect the requirements identified in the superseded Redlands Planning Scheme 2006.

- A new overall outcome is proposed, along with changes to an existing performance outcome to indicate that the density of dual occupancy development in this zone should not exceed 1 dwelling per 400m2.

Medium Density Residential Zone

- Changes to the front boundary setback are proposed. The current setback is three (3) metres which does not provide space to park a vehicle in front of the building within the property boundaries. The amendment retains the three (3) metre setback, but requires a setback of 5.5 metres to a garage door to allow for vehicles to be parked in front of the garage without obstructing the verge.

Birkdale Commonwealth Land Site

- Changes to the strategic framework relating to the Birkdale Commonwealth land are proposed, increasing the potential mix of future uses to include tourism, recreation, open space and sporting activities.

Adult Stores

- The incorporation of provisions, similar to those contained in the repealed State Planning Regulatory Provision (Adult Stores), into the City Plan is proposed.

Infrastructure Works Code

- The introduction of a new acceptable solution and performance outcome is proposed, which seek to achieve better visual amenity outcomes when retaining walls exceed one (1) metre in height.

Filling and Excavation

- Increased thresholds for filling and excavation are proposed in all zones other than the conservation zone. The amendment will also elevate the level of assessment in areas covered by the following overlays: environmental significance, coastal protection, flood and storm tide hazard, and waterway corridors and wetlands. This will ensure the potential impacts of excavation and fill are considered for existing land constraints or specific site values.

- A change to make all excavation and filling within the conservation zone code assessable, unless undertaken by RCC, is proposed. The rational is to ensure filling and excavation activities do not have an impact on the high ecological values and/or drainage constraints that these properties contain.

Road Movement Network in South-East Thornlands

- Removal of the requirement to provide a collector street between Beveridge Road and Freshwater Street in the South East Thornlands road movement network figures is proposed. The collector street in this location (18-22 Beveridge Road) is no longer considered necessary given the previous removal of the local centre zone and requirement to construct a community facility in this area.

Development Along Canal and Lakeside Estates

- Strengthening of the provisions in the City Plan in protecting the structural integrity of revetment walls is proposed, in addition to the introduction of new provisions dealing with residential amenity and character within the canal and lakeside estates (in relation to setbacks, view lines and incorporation of open air design). The amendment also seeks to establish a precinct in the low density residential zone called LDR5 (canal and lakeside estates) to more easily identify the land parcels which these provisions apply to.

Zone Changes

- 145-167 Panorama Drive, Thornlands - Change from environmental management to low density residential and conservation. The change recognises a small portion of the site which is generally free from environmental and development constraints, and increases protection of the balance of the lot;

- 85 Finucane Road, Alexandra Hills - Change from community facilities to recreation and open space to reflect the current use of the site as a park;

- 188 Wellington street, Ormiston - Change from low density residential to medium density residential, to be consistent with the surrounding neighbourhood zoning to the south;

- 174-186 Wellington Street, Ormiston - Change boundary between medium density residential and recreation and open space areas. The amendment reflects the surveyed topographical features (top of bank) as a suitable point for the split in zoning of the site to occur;

- 130-138 Allenby Road, Wellington Point - Change from low density residential to medium density residential to be consistent with the surrounding neighbourhood zoning to the north and west;

- 85-87 Lyndon Road, Capalaba - Change from recreation and open space to conservation. There is no plan to provide formal park embellishments. The proposed zoning also recognises and further protects the environmental values of the site;

- 10-14 Napier Street, Birkdale - Change from community facilities (CF3-educational facilities) to community facilities (CF6-infrastructure). The change in zone is proposed as the site is not used for educational purposes, is owned by Queensland Rail and directly adjoins the railway corridor. The amended zone better reflects the potential future use of the land;

- 7 John Street, Cleveland - Change from recreation and open space to principal centre. The change in zone is proposed as a result of the cessation of the adjoining child care operations and to achieve consistency with the surrounding allotments;

- 159-169 Delancey Street, Ormiston - Change from environmental management to conservation and low density residential. The change recognises a portion of the site which is less constrained and could facilitate development, and increases protection of the balance of the lot;

- 10 Burwood Road, Alexandra Hills - Change from low density residential to recreation and open space. The change in zone reflects the current use of the site as a park;

- 267-275 Wellington Street, Ormiston - Change from recreation and open space to community facilities (CF5 – places of worship) and recreation and open space. The zone change is to reflect the current use of part of the site for a place of worship.

The amendment package is available for inspection or purchase at RCC’s Customer Service Centres.

For further information on the planning scheme amendment, please contact RCC’s City Planning and Assessment Group on (07) 3829 8999.

Submissions on the General Major Amendment Package 01/19 may be made by any person during the consultation period which starts on 1 August 2019 and ends on 29 August 2019. To be properly made, submissions must:

  • be made to the Chief Executive Officer, Redland City Council and received during the consultation period.
  • state the name and residential or business address of each person (the submission-makers) who made the submission;
  • state the grounds of the submission, and the facts and circumstances relied on to support the grounds;
  • state one (1) postal or electronic address for service relating to the submission for all submission-makers; and
  • be signed by each submission-maker unless the submission is made electronically.

Submissions on the proposed amendment to the City Plan can be made:

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