Where is the site?

    The site is located at 61-73 MacArthur Street, Alexandra Hills and is described as Lot 146 SP280785.

    It is 2.5km west of the Cleveland CBD and ferry and barge services to North Stradbroke Island and adjoins the Scribbly Gums Conservation Area which incorporates the Redlands Track Park – a significant walking, mountain bike and horse riding recreation reserve.

    How big is the site?

    The site is 66,910m2.

    What is the zoning of the site?

    The site is zoned Conservation under the Redland City Plan 2018, and partly affected by the Environmental Significance and Bushfire Hazard overlays. It is located within the Urban Footprint of the SEQ Regional Plan.

    What are the site characteristics?

    The site slopes generally from the north to the southeast, remaining relatively flat at the north, west and central parts. 

    It is partially cleared and contains internal, sealed roads accessing approximately 16 built structures. The southern part of the site is heavily vegetated.

    Adjacent lots are heavily vegetated conservation and environmental lands, and include the Hilliard’s Creek corridor.

    Can the existing buildings be removed?

    Both demolition and adaptive reuse of existing structures may be possible, dependent on the operational requirements of the proposed development.

    Council has conducted Asbestos Reports and Condition Assessments which can be made available to interested parties to assist with developing proposals.

    Are road corridor, or site entry works planned?

    Council may consider upgrading the road corridor and formalising an entry head to the roadway to facilitate site access and improve the entry experience, subject to future budget allocations and negotiation with the successful tenderer.

    Are there services to the site?

    While there are currently no connections, water, electricity and telecommunications services are all available to the site. Any upgrades or extensions to existing services necessary to accommodate the development are to be undertaken by the developer.

    Reticulated sewer does not exist within close proximity to the site, meaning any effluent generated by the development will need to be treated and disposed of on-site. 

    Will Council consider other uses for the site?

    No. This expression of interest campaign is response to the Council’s desire to attract mainland nature based tourism and is primarily being conducted to identify interest by the private sector to develop the land for tourism and community purposes.

    Will the land be sold or leased?

    Long-term lease tenure will be negotiated with the eventual successful tenderer. EOI applicants are encouraged to nominate preferred terms.

    Will a Development Approval be required?

    Yes, the eventual site development will be subject to the usual development application process at the cost and responsibility of the successful tenderer.

    Is a survey of the site available?

    To help applicants assess the suitability of the site and develop concept plans and business case documents, a survey can be provided.

    Can I access the site or carry out investigations to assist with my proposal?

    Yes. This can be arranged by contacting Alistair Michell from Redland City Council on 07 3843 8042, or alistair.michell@redland.qld.gov.au

    How will submissions be evaluated?

    A panel comprising council officers and potentially external consultants will review the submissions and make recommendations to Council. Evaluation criteria are contained within the EOI documentation.