January → June 2020

Early 2020 - mid-2020

Construction of the Moores Road car park, pathways and connecting footbridge to the ferry terminal

01 June 2020

From mid-2020

Masterplan lodgement for approval with Economic Development Queensland

01 November 2020 → 30 June 2021

Late 2020 - Mid 2021

  • Public notification period
  • Detailed design work for the new road network and parking alterations at the ferry terminal
  • Communications with car parking tenants and users with updates of alternative car parking solutions during the car park construction period 
  • Commence construction of new entry road
  • Commence works on the Meissner Street car park site
January 2022

From 2022

    Commence open space upgrades

    Relocate boat ramp to complete road network/loop road at terminal

January 2023

From 2023

Commence construction of the multi-storey car park facilities, retail, café, restaurant and medical precincts